The Future Of
Digital Marketing and
Content Management

The growing number of social media platforms requires superior agility and tactical thinking.  Kynetto is strategy in motion.


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Digital Marketing and Content Management

Kynetto makes Digital Marketing and Content Management easy!  Our customer-centric process identifies quick win opportunities on any budget and schedule.  

Lead Generation and Content Management

Kynetto offers the best sales consulting, lead generation and content management around.  We offer the best prices, the most engaging content and the most efficient methodology.

Kynetto Marketing

Kynetto is a customer-focused marketing, digital media and business development company.  

We boost margin by cross analyzing what makes your business special with messaging that will be engaging for your customers and prospects.

Kynetto Consulting Gives You The Gift Of Time

You can't clone yourself.  Working with Kynetto is the next best thing!

Consulting Services

Marketing Management

Enterprise Marketing Support; Outsourced Marketing Services

Kynetto can run your entire marketing department for the cost of a marketing coordinator.  Services include coordination, branding, digital media, campaign creation, analysis and more.

Business Podcasts

Corporate Podcasts; Corporate Podcasting

Podcasting has grown by 140% since 2014 and continues to surge.  There's an audience of 140 million affluent Americans who want to hear more about your company.  Turn your marketing department into a revenue stream today.

Sales Consulting and Lead Generation

Increase Sales; Outsourced Sales Support

Kynetto provides superior lead lists, runs sales funnels, compiles sales analytics, assists with RFP creation and can manage your CRM for  the cost of a sales coordinator.  

Corporate Consulting

Business Consulting; Corporate Consulting

Kynetto fine-tunes your corporate culture at all levels of your organization.  We develop methodology, manage products and projects, define and execute processes, hire A+ talent and develop leaders.