Reach The Unreachable with Business Podcasts

Why Podcast?

60 Million US Homes (50%) Listen to Podcasts

Listeners Are Loyal, Affluent and Educated

Smartphone Listens are up 157% since 2014

Business Podcasts with Kynetto

Podcasting is a 'must' in today's market

Podcasting Strategies

If you aren't informing your consumer base about your product and industry, someone else will.  Podcasts offer corporations a unique opportunity, simultaneously inform a consumer base and market products to an audience that is loyal and affluent.

Kynetto can help you get your podcasting initiative off the ground.  We have access to podcasting networks and producers that can help you create winning content. Additionally, we can run digital marketing campaigns in parallel that drive listeners and engagement.

Want To Advertise?

We have a strategic partnership with one of the largest podcasting networks.  This affiliation drives down your price per ad as you venture into the new world of digital media.

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