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Sean Tracy



Sean has spent over a decade leading all aspects of business including marketing strategy, sales growth strategy and organizational strategy including change management.  He specializes in opening the lines of communication, quickly identifying need and executing corporate vision.  

His senior management experience includes Fortune 500 companies as well as technology startups.  Though resources, policies and strategies differ between organizations of this size, the needs of internal efficiencies and generating new business via brand awareness and increased sales are universal.  

Sean creates processes to increase collaboration and decrease cost per acquisition by understanding what makes your company special.  

Sean's relevant skills include: 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy and Lead Generation
  • Digital Media Strategy and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Process Definition, Implementation and Execution
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Developing Leaders
  • Client Services Methodology and Technology
  • CRM Management, Marketing and Sales Analytics 
  • Podcasting and Podcast Advertising

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Sean's Value

This short video introduces you to Sean, and his customer-focused philosophy to business.  

Bryan Schnitker

Bryan Schnitker

Contributing Partner

If you're looking for superior process definition, project management and execution, working with a West Point trained officer with two tours of duty under his belt is a great place to start.

After 8 years of active duty, Bryan worked across business units as a Project Manager, and later Chief Operating Officer of a 320+ employee division with P&L responsibility of over $17m annually.  While increasing profits and revenues by capturing new business, Bryan expanded business of his current accounts by $23m and expanded services revenues by $3.5m in a single year.  

Bryan's relevant skills include: 

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Project Management
  • RFP/Bid Management
  • Capture Management
  • P&L and budgeting in Excess of $50m
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Business Process Creation
  • Opportunity Pipeline Creation
  • Billion Dollar Account Management 
  • Analysis
  • Military Pedigree

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What Makes Kynetto Special? We put in the time to learn what makes you special

Kynetto: Strategy In Motion

Strategy In Motion

Kynetto Maximizes Margin and Helps You Scale

Businesses today are trying to navigate through competitive environments to reach the most informed consumers industry has ever seen.  How do you cut through the noise? 

Whether you're an emerging company hoping to ramp up your sales and marketing departments or an established organization looking to cut costs or create efficiencies, partnering with US-based Kynetto offers the quickest path to running a lean and agile business unit.

"Outsourcing" comes with a negative connotation, but in reality, bringing in an outside expert offers increased specialization at a lower cost.  For example:

The average company spends $40,000 per year on Sales Coordinators.  Adding in benefits brings that total to $55,000 for one entry level employee.  Kynetto's organization-wide Sales Support and Lead Generation is less expensive and managed by senior-level, experienced personnel.

The average Marketing Coordinator costs upwards of $48,000 annually before benefits.  Marketing Managers can be twice as expensive.  Kynetto offers VP quality leadership at a fraction of that cost.

Reasonably Priced Expertise

We can offer enterprise-wide support or build a package for you based on our a la carte services

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About Kynetto

Kynetto Started Because...

There's a gap in the market.  Marketing and advertising companies often sell a "buzzy" campaign or predefined templates without putting appropriate effort into understanding what makes their customers special.  

Kynetto begins our relationship with a no-obligation consultation.  We learn more about your business and discuss how we can help.  

What Makes Kynetto Different?

We aren't trying to sell you.  We are creating measurable value through efficiency and increased sales.  We want you to do more with less.  If that means we run your marketing department on a recurring basis, great.  If that means we implement tools and methodology so you can scale, that's great too.  We are invested in your growth.  

Why Give Us Your Money?

We want our first project to turn into many projects over many years.  Kynetto is obsessive about earning your trust and respect.  We protect your budget as if it is our own.