Need Digital Marketing and Content Management, but Don't know where to start?

Digital Marketing and Content Management

Kynetto makes Digital Marketing and Content Management easy!  Our customer-centric process identifies quick win opportunities on any budget and schedule.  

you Have 10,000 Followers... Who cares?

How Do You Monetize Connections?

Any marketing firm can generate tens or hundreds of thousands of followers.  Not every firm can generate organic followers of your brand or service.

Actionable Social Media Analysis

Too often, marketing firms are chasing exposure without linking this exposure to results.  You need a company that will create campaigns with ROI in mind.  

The "Right" Social Media Strategy For You

Do you know the demographics of the social media engines?  Diving into a Social Media strategy without first seeking a cross section of your customer segmentation vs platform demographics is no more valuable then spending your marketing budget on power-ball tickets.  You aren't playing the lottery.  You are making an investment.  

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Analysis


Is your product more premium or commodity?  What are your competitors doing in the marketplace and which tactics should you undertake to create growth?

Email Campaigns


Investing in targeted email campaigns is well worth the investment if your content is strong and your you have an infrastructure in place to administer the campaigns.  Are you there?  We can help.

Website and SEO


Optimizing your content for search engines is not longer as simple as selecting the right key words.  You need a team and a plan.  Or, more simply, you need Kynetto. 

Digital Marketing: Effective Advertising

Platform and Campaign Strategies


What is the cross section of your targeted audience vs social media?  Each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has their own demographic.  Which one (or more) is right for your business?

Ad Strategies


Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit are similar, but have nuance.  Kynetto can create effective content and refine your strategies. Ads and eBooks


The barriers to entry in publishing and ecommerce are lower than ever.  With over 1 Million books published each year and hundreds of thousands of stores opening, how do you cut through the noise and win sales?