What Good Is Being The best If You can't Communicate?

Content Management: Reduce Costs and Increase Engagement

Kynetto does not believe in sinking massive amounts of money into digital media campaigns.  Instead, Kynetto thinks tactically.  

Together, we create a plan that works for you and your budget.  We focus on the platforms your customers use and generate highly targeted campaigns that increase engagement while reducing your cost per acquisition.  

Kynetto Makes Money By Making You MOney

Why Are You Reading This?

Winning content follows three principals:

1.  Intrigue Your Customers

2.  State Your Value

3.  Calls to Action

Kynetto makes money by making you money.  We are a service-based marketing and consulting company. 

Intelligence. Analytics. Profit.

There are 4 Billion Internet users.  3 Billion are using Social Media.  Kynetto cuts through the noise with our agile approach.  We analyze our ads and their performance to ensure you are maximizing your margin.  

You're A Thought Leader, Dammit!

Today's consumer wants to be informed.  You're a senior or C-level leader for a reason.  You have knowledge.  Let us help you establish a cadence and methodology to share your expertise to build credibility. 

What If You could Convert Your Marketing Budget from Cost Center to Profit Center?

Corporate Podcasting

Low Risk

Setting up a corporate podcast is less expensive than your annual printing costs.

High Reward

Our partner's infrastructure can gain you access to tens of thousands of organically (and real) targeted audience.  We have the demographics to prove it.

Cost Center to Profit

With the right content at the right cadence, your podcast can generate enough revenue to break even or turn a profit within two years.

Find Out How Kynetto Can Maximize Your Margin

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