Marketing Execution Includes

Taking The Lead


For organizations in need of marketing leadership including the creation of methodology, brand standards and strategy.

Marketing Coordinator Services


You have the marketing strategy, but you are growing and need someone to execute autonomously.  We can be your line-level staff as well.  



Your brand is your identity.  Your logo, website and presentation material should be consistent and reflect your ideals.  Kynetto can help.

Digital Media Strategy


Digital is all the rage in the marketing community, but investing in the wrong strategies or platforms can leave you flat.  We understand each platform's strengths.

Create Value


The best products and people can go bankrupt if you can't communicate your value effectively.  We won't fit you into our predetermined templates.  Kynetto will learn about you and your prospects to drive margin.

Working Smarter


Knowing how effective your campaigns are is more important than the campaign itself.  You should be running A/B tests and measuring sales to maximize your ROI.  Kynetto combines analytics with employee development.

We Will Build A Marketing Program For you

Kynetto Consulting Services

To grow, you need to key resources: time and money.  Kynetto can help you with both.

Sales Support / Lead Generation Includes

Lead Lists


56% of lead list providers don't check the currency of the lists they provide!  Kynetto offers less expensive lists and rebates for stale information.

Lead Generation Campaigns


Having current leads is great, but do you have the infrastructure in place to run campaigns?  Kynetto partners with the industry's best lead teams to shorten your sales cycle.

CRM Management


Growing from self-maintained lead spreadsheets into a full-fledged CRM tool can be intimidating.  Kynetto can show you the way.

RFP Support


The number one mistake companies make during the RFP process is focusing too much on what they want to say rather than what the prospect needs to hear.

Fine-Tune Your Sales Team and build your book of business

Client Services Consulting Includes

Embrace Change


Humans hate change. Whether it's a fear of the unknown or lack of time, user adoption is a universal challenge.  Kynetto's people-first methodology improves acceptance.

Help Desks That Help You


Client services teams are crucial, not only to customer retention, but often times, to closing sales.  Build your business hospitality skills and use your premier services teams as an asset.

Client Support Technology


Are chatbots right for your organization?  Should you be offshoring support or does it make sense to invest in local resources?  Kynetto has the answers.

Taking Care of Your most valuable resources: Your people and your customers

Organizational Culture / Growth Includes

Set The Course


How is the health of your organization?  Are politics or red tape inhibiting growth?  Kynetto can guide you.

Creating Leaders


Time is an issue for all organizations and one of the first tasks to be swept under the carpet is training and employee development.  Let Kynetto help groom your future leaders.

Project Management


You have set the course for your team and prioritized action items.  Do you have enough skills on staff to execute your vision?  

Product Management


Have you anlayzed your competition?  Have you prioritized new features and fixes according to the marketplace?  Kynetto can help you manage your products for profit.

Create a culture of ACCOUNTABILITY and agility

Corporate Podcasting

Generate Ad Revenue

On a CPC or CPM basis, ad revenues in the podcast industry are soaring.  With the right content and cadence, you can convert your marketing department into a profit center

Thought Leadership

Inform your consumers while also building brand awareness and brand loyalty

Ad Buyers

Not interested in creating a podcast?  No problem.  You can access the 60 million US households tuning into podcasts each week. Kynetto partners with major podcast networks to drive down ad rates in your targeted niche. 

Podcasts are surging. don't miss the boat.

Kynetto gives you The Gift Of Time

Executives spend upwards of 40% of their time reacting to situations.

Executives spend less than 10% of their time with clients and developing employees combined.

Kynetto maximizes efficiencies at all levels of the organization so you can spend more time thinking strategically.